Isolation support

As a service to members in isolation, regular mailouts of content are  available on request or if Ecclesial members have access to an email address or the internet, they can be set up to receive and access daily or weekly content (at their choice).

The online option (via email or internet access) includes:
• Access to exhortations, Bible studies, lectures and special notifications. With internet access, this content can be easily read online on your computer or other device and can also be downloaded. There is a vast collection of material that you can search and review online as well. It also includes a very large audio and video library of recordings plus playable Bible readings and hymns.
• And being online, you can resize the material to make it easier to read or turn up the volume to make it easier to hear.
• Plus there are materials for Sunday School and Youth Activities if that is relevant.
• This content is sourced from the UK Isolation League and can be found by internet website search at

If you would like to know more about the mailout service or the online service please use the Contact webpage OR (at the bottom of this webpage) type your email address and then "CLICK TO MAKE CONTACT" .

The UK Isolation League (CIL Meet) is also a live stream service provided for Christadelphian Organisations and Ecclesias. This allows opportunities for attending online meetings with Ecclesias all over the world including some in NSW. This service uses either Zoom, Google Meet or Teams accounts and provides a simple access mechanism to run meetings using these accounts. You can also use the accounts directly as well.

Each Organisation / Ecclesia has a page on CIL Meet Website and on their page they have at least one meeting Room. Once the Room is accessed the meeting is started for the day and the meeting opens in the usual Zoom, Google Meet or Teams app.

Some of the features available are:
• Free phone dial in (from almost anywhere in the world).
• Simple access to a meeting using a portal & access key ( once the room has started.
• Easily manage who can access your meetings.
• Use the same link for all your meetings (on or
• Automatically starting rooms (you set the time and the days the room is to start).
• One-click streaming to YouTube (from Zoom only, YouTube stream is accessed via an easy to remember link on the portal which can be provided in advance).
• All this is in addition to the usual features found in the meeting apps (chat, screen sharing, whiteboards, breakout rooms, etc). Zoom licenses are available with Language Interpretation so you can include live translators in your meeting.

The maximum number of participants in a meeting is 250 in Google Meet, 300 in Teams (with up to 10,000 view only), and 300 in Zoom (with 100,000+ view only via YouTube streaming).

CIL Meet is provided free of charge to central Christadelphian organisations and ecclesias and you can find out more and request a room at

To contact  the NSW/ACT Isolation League Secretary, send an email to or make contact using the boxes below:  (left box) type in your email address, then (right box) click on the Make Contact button. 

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