NCC Sub Committees

The NCC is made up of many sub committees.

Sydney Christadelphian Young People

The SCYP are a group of young people who live purpose-driven lives. They are a youth group run by young people, for young people. SCYP is about getting together with a spiritual focus to enjoy awesome music, thought provoking presentations, great food, exciting activities and meeting new people.

Class at 7:30pm on the first Saturday of the month at Burwood plus social activities

Women at the Well

Organising of annual weekend retreats at a comfortable venue that are relaxing and spiritually uplifting to sisters and young women.

W@W countdown

A weekend of Bible Study from the 3rd to 5th March 2023

Speaking Plan

Sharing of willing and able Speakers between ecclesias covering Sydney, Newcastle, Central Coast, Wollongong and the Southern Highlands. This happens online and biannually in April and October of each year.

Commence ecclesial planning a month beforehand.

Family Week

A special week for young marrieds and families with young children (aged between 0-12 but teenagers are not catered for). The location is Rathmines Bible School on Lake Macquarie.
The focus is on developing our spiritual relationship with our Heavenly Father, building friendships with people at a similar stage of life, and investing time in raising Godly families. 

Family Week countdown

An annual event in late June to early July at Rathmines NSW

Kid's Camp

Lots of friendship, fun, craft and spiritual activities for 7 to 14 year olds in a youth camp environment.

An annual event to be held usually in July, at a venue north of Sydney

Northern Combined Weekend

A special Bible Study Weekend for the young and older located in the Central Coast / Newcastle area and held generally in August each year. 

Northern Combined Weekend countdown

A weekend of Bible Study from 18th to 20th August 2023

Lamb Of God / PraiSing

A day of singing, fellowship and praise for all ages; from children to adults. Everyone is welcome to join in the singing and playing, with choir rehearsals starting from the morning, orchestra and children’s rehearsals in the afternoon, joint rehearsals, and then a presentation of glorious praise for everyone who would like to be there in the evening.

Lamb Of God / PraiSing countdown

On 9th September there will be final rehearsals and a concluding performance.  Please register your interest.

Armidale Spring Bible Week

Every 2nd year a week of spiritual refreshment considering God’s word, worshipping the Father and His Son, sharing our discipleship experiences, making and renewing friendships. For a week we live together pooling our talents in service and love, enjoying a taste of the kingdom experience.

23rd September to 30th September 2023 at Armidale NSW


A week of spiritual refreshment to start each new year; considering God’s word, worshipping the Father and His Son, sharing our discipleship experiences, making and renewing friendships. NewStart is an all ages, Bible Study Week, designed to help us all make a NewStart to our spiritual sensitivities and aspirations.

In planned for 2025

Isolation League

Distribute exhortations, studies, lectures each calendar month to Christadelphians who are living in isolated places in NSW. Three issues of a special newsletter / magazine are also distributed each year.

Monthly mail out


Christadelphian Refugee Assistance Council

An organising support group to assist overseas Christadelphian refugees.

Newcastle Region NSW

Tanna Projects

Tanna Projects is an Australian and Vanuatu Christadelphian registered charity dedicated to working cooperatively with the people living in the area of Loanialu and the surrounding villages of Tanna Island in Vanuatu.  The aim is to provide positive leadership opportunities and enable the local people to find solutions for the challenges they face on a day to day basis while living in such a remote area.

Tanna on the map

Support Network

Arrange the printing and distribution of the Australian Christadelphian Pre-Marriage Discussion Course Books for Marriage Celebrants throughout Australia.

Book printing

Please try

Former Sub Committees of the NCC

Worship Book

Fostering the creation of original Christadelphian worship music and books that are supplied to Christadelphian communities throughout the world.

On demand music production
and reprinting of music books

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